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Requiring/Preferring searches that don’t span multiple values (SST #3)

Check out introduction to the Stupid Solr Tricks series if you\’re just joining us.] Solr and multiValued fields Here\’s another thing you need to understand about Solr: it doesn\’t really have fields that can take multiple values. But Bill, you\’re saying, sure it does. I mean, hell, it even has a \’multiValued\’ parameter. First off: watch your language. Second off: are you sure? Let\’s do a quick test. Look at the following documents exampledocs/names.json [ { id: 1, title: The Monkees, name_text: [Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Thomas Jones] }, { id: 2, title: Heros of the Wild…

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