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Month: July 2008

Planet Code4Lib in a snapshot

Inspired by the Inquiring Librarian, I just used Wordle to create a “tagcloud” of the current [Planet Code4Lib]() feed. What kills me is the tiny little “Library” in the lower left-hand corner. <a href=”” title=”Wordle: Planet Code4lib”><img alt=”” src=”” style=”padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd” />

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Intuition-based librarianship?

Not long after I started working in the library, I heard someone talking about “Evidence Based Librarianship.” Like the good little kind-of-a-librarian I’d become, I looked it up and found this article which states that: EBL employs the best available evidence based upon library science research to arrive at sound decisions about solving practical problems in librarianship. My immediate response was, of course, What the $#!&% is everyone else doing? The sad truth, of course, is that in general folks working in libraries do not use the “best evidence” based on “library science research” because, like many of the practitioners…

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