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Month: February 2011

Corrected Code4Lib slides are up

…at the same URL. I was, to put it mildly, incredibly excited about code4lib this year because, for once, I thought I had something to say. And I did have something to say. And I said it. But it was wrong. I presented a bunch of statistics drawn from nearly a year of Mirlyn logs. The most outlandish of my assertions, and the one that eventually turned out to be the most incorrect, was that some 45% of all our user sessions consist of only one action: a search. Unfortunately, I’d missed a whole swath of things I should have…

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[RETRACTED] Code4Lib 2011 Lightning Talk Slides

DANGER! I was trying to re-verify my numbers and found a glaring and hugely important mistake. I’ll make a new post with the details, but basically I was counting about 180k sessions (out of only 735k) that I should have been ignoring. Please ignore my basic stats until further notice. See the new numbers and corrected slides for more accurate data. I did a little Lightning Talk at Code4Lib 2011 and cleaned up (and heavily annotated) my slides for anyone interested in them. The focus was on some basic stats about usage of our OPAC, Mirlyn, in calendar 2010. I’ll…

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