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Month: February 2012

Stupid Solr tricks: Introduction (SST #0)

Completed parts of the series: A Solr Field Type for numeric(ish) IDs Using localparams in Solr (or, how to boost records that contain all terms) Requiring/Preferring searches that don’t span multiple values Boosting on Exactish (anchored) phrase matching Those of you who read this blog regularly (Hi Mom!) know that while we do a lot of stuff at the University of Michigan Library, our bread-and-butter these days are projects that center around Solr. Right now, my production Solr is running an ancient nightly of version 1.4 (i.e., before 1.4 was even officially released), and reflects how much I didn’t know…

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Another short personal note

The baby spent all last week in the hospital. Nothing life-threatening (so long as he was in the hospital and could get O2 when needed); it was just annoying. So….here’s to a week-long hospital stay being able to be merely “annoying”. A tip of the hat to steady employment, generous sick/vacation policies, flexible co-workers, excellent insurance, and having a world-class hospital in town. This could have been a much, much worse week than it was.

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