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Month: February 2009

Ask, and you shall receive, and it shall be AWESOME!

The good folks at ticTocs heard the call for open data, and they responded…exactly as I asked them to. Which makes me think I should have asked for a pony, too, but I’m still very, very happy! Anyone can now download a simple tab-delimited text file describing all the journal table of contents RSS files they’ve assembled, for use however anyone wants. The data include issns and eissns (where available), the title of the journal, and of course the URL of the RSS/Atom/Whatever feed. The feeds themselves are all over the map — it’s whatever the publisher decides to provide,…

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TicTocs: Give us a file! Pretty pretty pretty please!

For those who haven’t heard, ticTOCs is a service that provides web-based access to a database of Journal RSS/Atom Table of Contents feeds. Awesome. In their blog at News from TicTocs, a post titled I want to be completely honest with you about ticTOCs notes that: As for the API – yes, we’ve been asked this several times, and the answer is that it is currently being written and should be available very soon. That’s great, but writing in a comment on that post (after logging in with a very, very old OpenID — I used to have a blog named…

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