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Month: October 2014

Ruby MARC serialization/deserialization revisited

A few years ago, I benchmarked various methods of serializing/deserialzing MARC data using the ruby-marc gem. Given that I’m planning on starting fresh with my catalog setup, I thought I’d take a moment to revisit them. The biggest changes since that time have been (a) the continued speed improvements in JRuby, (b) the introduction of the Oj json parser for MRI ruby, and (c) wider availability of msgpack code in the wild. I also wondered what would happen if I tried ruby’s Marshal serialization; maybe it would be faster because I wouldn’t have to "manually" create a MARC::Record object from…

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Schemaless” solr with dynamicField and copyField

[Holy Kamoly, it’s been a long time since I blogged!] Recent versions of solr have the option to run in what they call "schemaless mode", wherein fields that aren’t recognized are actually added, automatically, to the schema as real named fields. I find this intruguing, but it’s not what I’m after right now. The problem I’m in the first stages of addressing is that my schema.xml is huge mess — very little consistency, no naming conventions dictating what’s stored/indexed, etc. It grew "ogranically" (which is what I say when I mean I’ve been lazy and sloppy) and needs a full-on…

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