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Month: November 2008

Normalizing LoC Call Numbers for sorting

Updated: I missed a ‘?’ in the original code that pushed a single cutter into the second-cutter position. Fixed below. Crap. Update 2: Initial letters can be three characters long. Regexp and output changed. LoC Call numbers tend to be a mess, and I’ve been working this morning trying to normalize them for easy string comparison. The perl function below takes a call number (with some level of sloppiness) and returns a string suitable for comparisons with other strings returned by the function. It outputs stuff like this: E E 0000.0000 0000 0000 E 184 .A1 G78 E 0184.0000A 1000G…

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How to rig an election

No matter where I’ve gone today and for the past few days, I keep running into people (on both sides) who are sure that if Their Guy Doesn’t Win, it’s going to be because of dirty tactics. I’m not an expert in this stuff. Not by a long shot. But I thought it would be fun to work out, for my own benefit, types of election fraud and what to really worry about. Note that how you might interpret all of this really depends on what you consider the greater evil: a vote  cast that shouldn’t have been, or a…

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