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Month: March 2009

A plea: use Solr to normalize your data

[Only, of course, if you’re using Solr. Otherwise, that’d be dumb.] We’ve been working on Mirlyn2-Beta, our installation of VuFind for some time now (don’t let the fancy-pants name scare you off), and the further we get into it, the more obvious it is that I want to move as much data normalization into Solr itself as possible. Arguments about how much business logic to move into the database layer, in the form of foreign-key requirements, cascading inserts and deletes, stored procedures, etc. are as old as the features themselves. Solid arguments for and against are made on all sides,…

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Enough with the freakin’ LC Call Number normalization!

OK. I’m done with it, and this time I mean it. I’ve updated and improved the lc normalization code, documented the algorithm, and put it all into Google Code. In the next couple weeks, I’ll be turning it into a Solr text filter so we can do some decent sorting on call-number search results.

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