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Month: November 2009

Running Blacklight under JRuby

I decided to see if I could get Blacklight working under JRuby, starting with running the test suite and working my way up from there. There was much pain. Much, much pain. Exacerbated by my almost complete lack of knowledge about what I was doing. This is the procedure I eventually arrived at — if there are places where I made trouble for myself, please let me know! [And does anyone know how to get jruby’s nokogiri to link to a different libxml and stop with the crappy libxml2-version error message every time I run it under OSX???] Download jruby…

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Setting up your OPAC for Zotero support using unAPI

unAPI is a very simple protocol to let a machine know what other formats a document is available in. Zotero is a bibliographic management tool (like Endnote or Refworks) that operates as a Firefox plugin. And it speaks unAPI. Let’s get them to play nice with each other! How’s it all work? Zotero looks for a well-constructed <link> tag in the head of the page It checks the document on the other side of that link to see what formats are offered, and picks one to use. No, you can’t decide which one it uses. It picks. Zotero then looks…

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Thinking through a simple API for HathiTrust item metadata

EDITS: Added “recordURL” per Tod’s request Made a record’s title field an array and call it titles, to allow for vernacular entries Changed item’s ingest to lastUpdate to accurately note what the actual date reflects. This gets updated every time either the item or the record to which it’s attached gets changed. Fixed a couple typos, including one where I substituted an ampersand for a pipe in the multi-get example (thanks again, Tod). Added a better explanation of option #4 Introduction and History Ages ago, I wrote a simple(ish) little cgi program to get basic item-level data out of what…

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