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Month: March 2010

Why bother with threading in jruby? Because it’s easy.

[Edit 2011-July-1: I’ve written a jruby_specific threach that takes advantage of better underlying java libraries called jruby_threach that is a much better option if you’re running jruby] Lately on the #code4lib IRC channel, several of us have been knocking around different versions (in several programming languages) of programs to read in a ginormous file and do some processing on each line. I noted some speedups related to multi-threading, and someone (maybe rsinger?) said, basically, that to bother with threading for a one-off simple program was a waste. Well, it turns out I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal…

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Pushing MARC to Solr; processing times and threading and such

[This is in response to a thread on the blacklight mailing list about getting MARC data into Solr.] What’s the question? The question came up, “How much time do we spend processing the MARC vs trying to push it into Solr?”. Bob Haschart found that even with a pretty damn complicated processing stage, pushing the data to solr was still, at best, taking at least as long as the processing stage. I’m interested because I’ve been struggling to write a solrmarc-like system that runs under JRuby. Architecturally, the big difference between my stuff and solrmac is that I use the…

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ruby-marc with pluggable readers

I’ve been messing with easier ways of adding parsers to ruby-marc’s MARC::Reader object. The idea is that you can do this: require ‘marc’ require ‘my_marc_stuff’ mbreader =‘test.mrc’) # => Stock marc binary reader mbreader =‘test.mrc’ :readertype=>:marcstrict) # => ditto MARC::Reader.register_parser(My::MARC::Parser, :marcstrict) mbreader =‘test.mrc’) # => Uses My::MARC::Parser now xmlreader =‘test.xml’, :readertype=>:marcxml) # …and maybe further on down the road asreader =‘test.seq’, :readertype=>:alephsequential) mjreader =‘test.json’, :readertype=>:marchashjson) A parser need only implement #each and a module-level method #decode_from_string. Read all about it on the github page.

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