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ruby-marc with pluggable readers

I’ve been messing with easier ways of adding parsers to ruby-marc’s MARC::Reader object. The idea is that you can do this:

  require 'marc'
  require 'my_marc_stuff'

  mbreader = MARC::Reader.new('test.mrc') # => Stock marc binary reader
  mbreader = MARC::Reader.new('test.mrc' :readertype=>:marcstrict) # => ditto

  MARC::Reader.register_parser(My::MARC::Parser, :marcstrict)
  mbreader = MARC::Reader.new('test.mrc') # => Uses My::MARC::Parser now

  xmlreader = MARC::Reader.new('test.xml', :readertype=>:marcxml)

  # ...and maybe further on down the road

  asreader = MARC::Reader.new('test.seq', :readertype=>:alephsequential)
  mjreader = MARC::Reader.new('test.json', :readertype=>:marchashjson)

A parser need only implement #each and a module-level method #decode_from_string.

Read all about it on the github page.


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