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Simple Ruby gem for dealing with ISBN/ISSN/LCCN

I needed some code to deal with ISBN10->ISBN13 conversion, so I put in a few other functions and wrapped it all up in a gem called library_stdnums.

It’s only 100 lines of code or so and some specs, but I put it out there in case others want to use it or add to it. Pull requests at the github repo are welcome.

Functionality is all as module functions, as follows:


  • char = StdNum::ISBN.checkdigit(ten-or-thirteen-digit-isbn)
  • boolean = StdNum::ISBN.valid?(ten-or-thirteen-digit-isbn)
  • thirteenDigitISBN = StdNum::ISBN.convert_to_13(ten-or-thirteen-digit-isbn)
  • tenDigitISBN = StdNum::ISBN.convert_to_10(ten-or-thirteen-digit-isbn)


  • char = StdNum::ISSN.checkdigit(issn)
  • boolean = StdNum::ISSN.valid?(issn)


  • normalizedLCCN = StdNum::LCCN.normalize(lccn)

Again, there’s nothing special here — just letting folks know it’s out there.