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Ruby gem library_stdnums goes to version 1.0

I just released another (this time pretty good) version of my gem for normalizing/validating library standard numbers, library_stdnums (github source / docs).

The short version of the functions available:

  • ISBN: get checkdigit, validate, convert isbn10 to/from isbn13, normalize (to 13-digit)
  • ISSN: get checkdigit, validate, normalize
  • LCCN: validate, normalize

Validation of LCCNs doesn’t involve a checkdigit; I basically just normalize whatever is sent in and then see if the result is syntactically valid.

My plan in my Copious Free Time is to do a Java version of these as well and then stick them into a new-style Solr v.3 filter so I (and, by extension, you, if you’re interested) can have Solr do normalization during both index and search time.