I am Mr. Rourke...er...Bill Dueber, your host.

2013 April 18
The Library has three UX positions available right now – interface designer, interface developer, and a web content strategist. Come join me at what is easily the best place I’ve ever worked! Full details are over at Suz’s blog.
2013 February 12
So, I’m at code4lib 2013 right now, where side conversations and informal exchanges tend to be the most interesting part. Last night I had an conversation with the inimitable Michael B. Klein, and after complaining about faculty members that keep books out for decades at a time, we ended up asking a simple question: How much more shelving would we need if everyone returned their books? Assuming we could get them all checked in and such, well, where would we put them? ... More
2012 March 19
Check out introduction to the Stupid Solr Tricks series if you’re just joining us.] Exact matching in Solr is easy. Use the default string type: all it does is, essentially, exact phrase matching. string is a great type for faceted values, where the only way we expect to search the index is via text pulled from the index itself. Query the index to get a value: use that value to re-query the index. ... More
2012 March 9
Check out introduction to the Stupid Solr Tricks series if you’re just joining us.] Solr and multiValued fields Here’s another thing you need to understand about Solr: it doesn’t really have fields that can take multiple values. “But Bill,” you’re saying, “sure it does. I mean, hell, it even has a ‘multiValued’ parameter.” First off: watch your language. Second off: are you sure? Let’s do a quick test. ... More
2012 March 6
[Note: this isn’t so much a Stupid Solr Trick as a Thing You Should Probably Know; consider it required reading for the next SST. If you’re just joining us, check out the introduction to the Stupid Solr Tricks series] What the heck is a localparams query? A garden-variety Solr query URL looks something like this: http://localhost:8983/solr/select? defType=dismax &qf=name^2 place^1 &q=Dueber ~~~~ Which is fine, as far as it goes. ... More
2012 March 1
[For the introduction to this series, take a quick gander at the introduction] Like everyone else in the library world, I’ve got a bunch of well-defined, well-controlled standard identifiers I need to keep track of and allow searching on. You know, well-vetted stuff like this: 1234-5678 123-4567-890 12-34-567-X 0012-0045 ISBN13: 1234567890123 ISSN: 1234567X (1998-99) ISSN (1998-99): 1234567X 1234567890 (hdk. 22 pgs) 9 Behind the 3rd floor desk Henry VIII [Note: some of these may be a titch exaggerated] ... More
2012 February 29
Completed parts of the series: A Solr Field Type for numeric(ish) IDs Using localparams in Solr (or, how to boost records that contain all terms) Requiring/Preferring searches that don’t span multiple values Boosting on Exactish (anchored) phrase matching Those of you who read this blog regularly (Hi Mom!) know that while we do a lot of stuff at the University of Michigan Library, our bread-and-butter these days are projects that center around Solr. ... More
2012 February 27
The baby spent all last week in the hospital. Nothing life-threatening (so long as he was in the hospital and could get O2 when needed); it was just annoying. So….here’s to a week-long hospital stay being able to be merely “annoying”. A tip of the hat to steady employment, generous sick/vacation policies, flexible co-workers, excellent insurance, and having a world-class hospital in town. This could have been a much, much worse week than it was. ... More
2011 December 1
[Summary: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS USE PARENTHESES TO GROUP BOOLEANS IN SOLR!!!] What does Solr do, given the following query? a OR b AND c ~~~~ I'll give you three guesses, but you'll get the first two wrong and won't have any idea how to generate a third, so don't spend too much time on it. ### Boolean algebra and operator precedence Anyone who's had even a passing introduction to boolean alegebra knows that it specifies a strict order to how the operators are bound: NOT before AND before OR. ... More
2011 October 11
We had another baby. :-) Shai Brown Dueber was born last Monday, the 3rd, at a very moderate 7lbs 7.2oz (his brothers were 9lbs and 9.5lbs). Mother, baby, and older brothers are all doing well. Father is freakin’ tired.